Transportation Free Agency

So this is what it’s like to be a free agent in the NBA. Well, sort of.

I currently have a chance to choose my life’s path. To alter my future, for better or for worse. Three cities, three different directions in the road. I’m embracing a new way of thinking, and a new way of living. My friends, it’s time to enjoy life.

In a way I feel like my life has stalled since coming to Michigan. I’ve took a SIGNIFICANT pay cut, and admittedly, I’ve been very slow on warming up to the culture and adapting to the change of pace.

It hasn’t been all bad here. In the last couple of months or so, I have felt more and more like an adopted son of Detroit (yes that’s a good thing), as I’ve found myself really appreciating Detroit, and the slower pace. Letting Detroit be Detroit, and not trying to make it California.  On more than a few occasions, I’ve found myself defending this place like a real native Detroiter!

In other words, I have no qualms with the city. It’s definitely surging hard toward the top of the major city power rankings.

However, lately I’ve been on a quest to get back to the financial glory of yesteryear (pre 2016) and some opportunities have sprung up during a time of unrest. Fed up with my current quality of life, I have a hard choice to make, and I plan to make that decision within the next week. I plan to combine work with business, to create something unique.

I’m rebranding PTA and I’m aiming my new venture toward transportation workers. There is a real love for transit that I believed is shared with thousands of other people. I would like to display the love in the form of apparel (T-shirts, hats, beanies, etc.) videos, and blogging among other ways.

But first I need a headquarters. I need a home. Here is a glimpse of what I’m currently mulling over:


AC Transit (Oakland)



  • Returning home, where it all started. Coming full circle in life.
  • Making real money again
  • Big time agency (in the Bay Area)
  • Weather
  • Most likely don’t need a car to get around
  • I’ll be around family



  • High ass rent!
  • High ass housing prices!
  • High ass taxes!
  • Less likely to own a house
  • Traffic
  • Earthquakes
  • I’ll be around family


CTA (Chicago)



  • A new challenge
  • Make real money again
  • Keep the majority of my check
  • Affordable rent, and property.
  • Work for the #2 biggest agency in America
  • Definitely don’t need a car to get around
  • Bus, train and heavy rail



  • Start off part time for two years (no vesting for retirement while part-time)
  • Weather (SNOW and blizzards)
  • Traffic/people

SMART (Suburban Detroit)



  • Rent/Mortgage free
  • Keep the majority of my check (see above)
  • Get to continue to have a lawn to take care of
  • Can be apart of the positivity and revival of Detroit
  • Very affordable property (commercial and residential)
  • Can own more property and create passive income here



  • The public transportation isn’t a big deal here. Two separate systems, no unity among city and suburbs.
  • Weather (SNOW and COLD)


Much like LeBron circa 2010, I have a decision to make. Where should I take my talents is the million dollar question.

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