Returning to Transit (The Decision)

After much thought, and after a tough couple of months figuring things out, I’m going to take my talents to DDOT. That’s right, the Detroit Department of Transportation.



I was in the training program before, and I wasn’t happy with what I experienced, however I’ve been convinced things are changing, for the better. I would like to be apart of the change. Out with the old way of doing things, in with the new breed. This is my third, and final run as a transit bus driver. I don’t plan on switching teams again.

This is an opportunity to help change the culture of an organization and become a championship caliber team. I know it will be a long road ahead, but I’m something like the LeBron, (Pre-flopping) of bus drivers. A franchise player if I must say so myself.

I’ll be writing here on PTA a lot more on how to get DDOT onto list such as these:



One of these days I’ll end up on the sidelines coaching, or even behind the scenes in the front office making things happen. As for now, I’m about to be back in the game, and I’m ready for my close up this time around. After all, this driver shit runs in my veins.

OG Allen.jpg
My Uncle, the King of Muni

It’s bigger than me, it’s about transportation legacy.✌🏿

6 thoughts on “Returning to Transit (The Decision)

  1. You know, reading blogs like this keep me going after constant thoughts of wanting to quit driving buses. I was a student driver for SMART, that fell through, got my CDL B through Durham, drove for D-DOT two years, now I’m with Hertz. Where will I go from here, God ONLY knows. But thanks for this blog, this too, is in my blood, this is a good industry to be in. My biggest regret was that I didn’t do this when I was much younger.

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    1. It’s never too late. That’s the beauty in it. Hertz is a decent gig. I was there last year. I move a lot lol. Where ever you choose make it worth your while bro. Pay, benefits, retirement, the whole 9.

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