17 thoughts on “Bus Shenanigans 

      1. It’s another one of Dave’s. He has 3. PTA is for bus drivers, thecouchsports.com, and livefromwoodward.com is everything Detroit.

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      2. You should branch out and have one of your own. Maybe specific to the things that make Tareau unique, like parenting autistic children and maybe some of your spiritual studies, couponing, movie and book reviews…just sayin’ or some of your other Tbreeze shenanigans and tomfoolery!

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      3. Look Otis ain’t nobody trying to get you to leave our guy Dave. Just thought you might have a side thing devoted to autism or such.
        Love Gossimer❤️

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  1. Various loved ones?! Playa playyyaaa I see you! lol. Who do you throw the football and frisbee around with? “Got the 40 pound weights – dadadadaddada” lmao – too cute. You wouldn’t show us you working out, huh? I’ll take that to mean you didn’t work out. lmao

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