How Trump Budget will Affect Transit

President Donald Trump’s budget has been released, and like many people I was waiting to see how it would affect my personal interest — or business.

When it comes to public transportation, Trumps budget mainly affects aviation, and long distance routes for Amtrak.

As far as Aviation goes the budget will essentially move “the air traffic control function” of the Federal Aviation Administration and its 14,000 controllers “to an independent, non-governmental organization.” In other words, because of “inefficiencies and lagging technology efforts” airline executives want to privatize  America’s air traffic control system.

Amtrak will have long distance runs like the Empire Builder, which spans from Chicago to Seattle, scaled back a great deal. The Federal Transportation Administration Department, overall, faces a 13% cut while defense spending and Homeland security will go up 9% and 7% respectively.

Funding will be eliminated for 19 different agencies who depend on federal money, including the Appalachian Regional Commission, the Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Military spending would increase by $54 billion, a 10 percent rise, in 2018, in addition to a $30 billion increase in the current year.


5 thoughts on “How Trump Budget will Affect Transit

  1. Honestly Amtrak is terrible with everything. They don’t own their tracks in a lot of cities and they never inform their clients beforehand

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  2. Thanks for the info Dave!
    Yeah Trump’s approach is tantamount to a mother cutting back on her child’s lunch, education and contributions to assist her elderly parents so she can buy more guns and give more money to her rich boyfriend and other unnecessary dumb shit….SMDH!

    Oh, did you hear that crazy fool Mulvaney who basically asked what the return on investment is for programs like Meels on Wheels or Afterschool/Food programs for children? Oh, I dunno, poor old folks who ain’t hungry. Children not running the streets HUNGRY! That’s the return!

    There is a special place in HELL for folks like that!

    Here’s an idea, cut back on defense and corporate funding …oh but we can’t do that because we believe in the lunacy of ‘trickle down.’

    This article is old but it hits on some interesting points.

    Great piece 🙂

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    1. You know whats crazy is, they obviously never struggled for anything, but to have no compassion whatsoever when it comes to other humans. Especially the vulnerable ones. I’ll be reading that today. Thanks sis

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