Sacramento Shakeup

Sacramento Regional Transit want to “re-imagine” bus routes with the help of the community in the very near future.

Speaking during a board meeting last month, RT official Laura Ham said, “Downtown plays an important but less predominant role in the regional economy.” She continued, “The time is right for RT to engage the community and re-imagine the system. Our service design should reflect the region as it stands today and as it is projected to grow.”

It’s easy to say what took so long, but to keep this on a more positive note, at least they’ve finally come to this realization.
As someone who has actually utilized the Transit system in Sacramento, I’ve always noticed the bus and light rail routes were much more effective Downtown as well as Midtown, but could never put a finger on why.
When you branch out to the South side of town, which is the largest section of the city, catching the bus can be challenging. From routes that run once an hour, to the bigger challenge of connecting.
Your commute could take as long as 2-3 hours depending how far you are going. For example if you have to go to the other side of town, good luck.
You may have to catch a couple of buses, light rail, maybe another bus.
Essentially the bus routes in Sacramento were designed with neighborhoods in mind, which was great way back when. Back when Sacramento was a popular destination.
Sacramento has grown tremendously in the last decade, most likely due to the housing crisis in the Bay Area. Sacramento is widely known in Northern California as the last affordable metropolitan city.
The growth reflects that sentiment.I’m just glad RT plans to adapt to the growth, with a change in service. ✌🏿

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