Evolution of a Bus Driver

Do you remember the Chappelle Show skit, called the 3 Dave’s? Well, this is very similar. But it’s the bus driver addition! It took a few years, but I’ve realized, driving is apart of my being. It’s instrumental in shaping me into who I am.

When I’m behind the wheel I feel I am the best driver in America — dare say the world. Driving a bus is the one thing I’m borderline arrogant about. However you have to be on your toes, it’s pure multitasking, decision making, and so much more going on than what the average passenger sees.

Along the way I’ve learned patience, mastered the art of small talk, and I have met some cool people along the way. I want to share a bit about “The Dave” with those who don’t know my background:


Foothill Transit

Circa 2011. Have no clue what I was “pondering” but now that I think about it, those were good times. I drove for Foothill Transit in Pomona,Ca. That’s in Los Angeles County for those of you too lazy to Google.

Driver Dave.jpg

I remember driving these Orion buses. Some had that get up & go power! Some did 10 mph up hills. This pic in particular was back when I used to park across the street from the staples center, and chill before express routes.

40' Mob.jpg

Don’t let the smooth taste fool you, these broke down plenty. When they worked, they were excellent, but when things went wrong…. you see it.




Oh Yes, this is when I got into one of the Bay Area transportation heavyweights. My VTA days were fun. This is from the top of 2015.

VTA Days.jpg

This was by far the most fun I had driving a bus! 60 feet of awesome! Pushing that boy from San Jose to Palo Alto.

60' mob.jpg



Current year, 2017. I’ve found myself way out in Detroit,MI.




Early morning, pushing that 34 Gratiot.  From downtown to the East Side.



Thank you for reading. Try to remember your driver isn’t a robot, and has a name. They’re a human. Shout out to all my bus drivers, coach operators, train operators, and everybody pushing over 26! ✌🏿




11 thoughts on “Evolution of a Bus Driver

  1. I loved learning a little more about you Dave! My son takes shuttle and buses quite a bit and sometimes when we are talking on the phone, I will hear him say, “Thank you.”
    I’ll say, “Who are you talking to son?” And he’ll say, “The bus driver.”
    Do you know that kid thanks the bus driver after every trip?
    Honestly, I felt so proud when he told me that.
    It is so important to me that my children are respectful to everyone they encounter. So I can really appreciate that little reminder that you included at the end.
    Seriously, this was an awesome post!
    It is clear that you enjoy your work; you and Tareau 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you Sista G. It is little things like that, that make your day better. So many people treat you like you don’t exist –in your face! It’s crazy. Sounds like you raised an aweaome son. Keep up the good work sis! Thank you for reading

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Operator 5163 (formerly) from Shoemaker. Drove 3 Cadillac, 5 Reflex, 1 Crosstown, 4 Jefferson, 1 Cadillac on Saturday, 21, and 22 Woodward (artic runs at the time), and 18 Gratiot.

    I got some stories to tell, bruh!

    Liked by 1 person

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